Ever since the red carpet was rolled out on January 25th, 1949, the Emmy Awards popularly known as the Emmy’s, have held an outstanding reputation of rewarding stellar television shows. Established by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, the Emmys are to television what the Oscars are to movies, and the Grammys are to music and what the Tonys are to theatre.

Over the years, TV programming has broken barriers thought as no-go zones in the past. Possibly due to social media’s ability to shape and influence opinions, some shows have been transformed to mega status. The voting dynamic is likely to be upset. Lets look at what we can expect.

The Nods

FX have been churning out some top tier shows. However, 2016 may be the year of The Americans. The spy thriller that premiered in 2013 has been snubbed numerous times but this year, it already has a nod for scripting and Margo Martindale as a guest actress. Shows rarely get nominated for Emmys after three seasons, but The Americans has racked up 5 in total.

Mr. Robot’s buzz is debatable, but its uniqueness is not. In addition to that, USA shows have not been getting nominated in the drama category. With six nominations, could Mr. Robot, now in its second season,  grab an award and run with it?

Unreal is arguably one of TV’s most thrilling shows. Picking up an outstanding scripting and a nod for outstanding supporting actress is a major achievement. The same applies for Black-ish that has racked four nominations. Tracy Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson have nominations for their roles.

Veep, Silicon Valley and Game of Thrones can be expected to absolutely dominate the Emmys. Veep is no stranger to the Emmys; their 17 nominations are a testament to that.  Amy Poehler and Tina Fey can also be expected to share the stage, this time as nominees.

The thumbs down

Orange is the New Black has become a fan staple, each season receiving more praise from fans than the last. 2016 has not been good for OITNB as it has only managed an Oustanding Casting nomination.

Kerry Washington has been stellar in the hit show, Scandal. However, the Emmys showed no love for Olivia Pope. It is also a NO from the bench for Comedy Central’s Broad City. Crazy Ex-girlfriend’s Rachel Bloom joins The Walking Dead in getting nothing but frowns from the Emmys. Roots’ Malachi Kirby got the snub for his performance.

Stephen Colbert and Samantha Bee for lack of a better word are exceptional. They bring in unique twists to the week’s news but for whatever reason, The Emmys have not taken any notice.

It will be interesting to see how the race for TV glory shapes up.