Who doesn’t know of Vladimir Putin? He has made quite a name for himself in the past decade.  He is, of course, the president of the Russian Federation and is known for being a person you definitely do not want to go up against. Any journalist in Russia who has tried to dig into his past has ended up being silenced, forever.

Vladimir Putin, by all way and means, has been living a thug life. When Joe Biden (former Vice president USA) told Putin that, “He had no soul”, Putin’s response was to smile back and to say, “We understand one another.”

Still, Times magazine has listed Putin’s name five times as one of the most influential persons in the world.

Vladimir’s biggest crime is that of silencing the voices. Ever since Putin came into power, a large number of journalists have mysteriously ended up dead. Here are some of the most known ones:

Alexander Litvinenko:

Litvinenko was a member of Russia’s famous security agency; the KGB. His death was caused by a cup of poisonous tea, which he drank three weeks ago. Upon inquiry, it was found that he was assassinated by two FSB agents who were given the green light by some higher powers, namely the president and the former director of the FSB. But what did Litvinenko do? He was pointing fingers at Putin and accusing him of killing a Russian journalist named Politkovskaya.

Sergei Magnitsky:

Sergei was a very young attorney of Bill Browder. Due to the business nature of Browder’s firm, a fund investment, they both began to discover the tyrants robbing his clients. So, he began to investigate. They might have went a little too far because the nest thing they knew, Bill was expelled from Russia. Young Sergei, however, was there, and continued to expose the financial stealing and the likes. Eventually, Sergei was put in jail where he was brutally tortured to death. Bill Browder wrote a book on this incidence called “Red Notice”

Boris Berezovsky:

Boris Berezovsky fell on bad terms with Putin and fled the country. He threatened Putin that he will expose him and would bring him down. Unfortunately, he was found dead before he could do so. Though it looked like apparent suicide, the investigation showed that maybe it was otherwise. This was not the first attempt at his assassination, which also added fuel to the fire.

Anna Politkovskaya:

Anna was another journalist extraordinaire who was a huge and very vocal critic of Putin. On her birthday, she was in her apartment when she was shot to death, twice. The first hit was on her shoulder and the second one went straight through her head. Her field of work included uncovering the corruptions of the state leaders. She even won an award for exposing Putin’s heinous crimes but still ended up dead.

Putin’s Russia is really a fearful place to live in. He even changed the presidency period to 6 years, which means he can serve the country for 18 years. Oh, and he is also forming an alliance with the newly elected president of the USA; Donald Trump!