Good or bad, the 2016 presidential election was definitely amusing. There were highs and lows, ups and downs for both of the nominees and then, there were head-scratching moments when we all wondered if this was some kind of joke and at any second Ashton Kutcher will step in front of the camera and tell us that we have all been Punk’d. But sadly, that did not happen.

On the bright side, we were left with many hilarious moments to look back to for some lighthearted laughter. Let’s have a glimpse at some of the best ones:

1.    Jimmy Fallon And Trump’s Hair:

Everyone got curious about Trump’s hair on at least one point during the elections; you’d be lying if you say you didn’t notice it. Though we couldn’t do anything about it other than make and/or enjoy some comical memes, Jimmy Fallon took matters into his own hand. He just had to mess with Trump’s hair and surprisingly, Trump allowed it with some good-natured humor.

2.    The Retort:

Kudos to the women across the world for always having a sharp retort read. During an ongoing argument about the Trans-Pacific partnership, Trump was quick to blame Hillary for having, “No plans”, to which Clinton replied, “I do. It’s called ‘Stronger Together.’ You can pick it up tomorrow”. Yeah, she has written a book about it.

3.    Star Wars Moment:

It was a simple goodbye from Hilary at the end of her speech, but she soon followed it with a “May the Force Be with You”. And naturally, Star Wars fans went crazy. Maybe she did it on purpose to catch the attention of the young voters or maybe it was to flatter J.J Abrams. Either way, we loved it.

4.    Bernie Sanders Vs the 12 Years Old:

Jimmy Fallon was at it again. During his hilarious moments as Bernie Sanders and about Bernie Sanders, he also said this:

“Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign announced that it rose over $1.5 million in the 24 hours after he announced his bid. Meanwhile, a 12-year-old on Kick starter just raised $7 million in five minutes after announcing his idea for juice box water guns.”

5.    This Is What You Do:

Sanders was just going on passionately during his speech when he mistakenly said, “This is what you do do” and then corrected it the second time with, “This is what you do to.” It was just a small slip, but Fallon didn’t miss it as he made a hip-hop rap song out of it. It was hilarious and amazingly catchy.

6.    Oh, Wise Father of Hillary:

Trump is infamously known for stealing workers of their hard earned money. Hillary was quick to call him out on it and even expressed her relief that her father (who was a textile wholesale businessman)  was smart enough not to do business with Trump.

7.    The Mannequin Challenge:

A Mannequin challenge is one where a people stop mid-action and record a video while at it. The key is to make it look like time has stopped, usually with a song playing in the background. The trend was set by high school students and spread like fire. Hillary too joined the bandwagon and it was a fun video to watch.