Did you know that you could take advantage of an amazing amount of Google Chrome extensions that add on to the functionality of the web browser? We saved you the ordeal of going through the store to test what is useful with this list of some of the best chrome extensions out there.


This extension is popular for RSS readers. It helps you get instant access to all RSS feeds inside the Chrome browser. It is not essential but is handy to have.

Evernote Web Clipper

This chrome extension lets you save pages and articles or just sections of pages to your own notes where you are unable to copy anything or jot anything down. You can also use this to add on your own notes to things that you usually save, organize specific projects and a lot more.

Stay Focused

There are a lot of websites that have you hooked on entertaining but unproductive content. Sites like social networking platforms or fun blogs make the roster for this. They are also the reason why you lose track of time and find yourself procrastinating at work. This helpful chrome extension makes sure that you don’t spend too much time on these sites after you have landed on their pages. It keeps track of the time duration and then, blocks your access to these sites.

Wunderlist and Any.Do

Wunderlist is fantastic as it syncs with all devices which means that you will never forget anything that you have to do while you are on the move. The extension works through synchronization in real time across different devices and shareable to do lists. It is a lot easier to handle household tasks and team projects through this. Another equally quality Chrome extension for keeping your list and your tasks in check is Any.Do.   


If you are stuck with tasks all day where you have to fill forms all the time or have to fill in spaces on various sites on your browser, this extension will do it for you. All you have to do is type in a form and the extension will save the information you type in. In this way, you can simply use the information the next time instead of typing everything out again. The Chrome extension also saves a backup in case your browser crashes, which is a major plus.

Gmail Offline

Finally! You might be used to the web app that works only when you are online; however, this super cool extension lets you keep on using Gmail even when you are not online even though you cannot send any emails. You can only compose them and be able to access what you have already received. Once the internet connection pulls through, you will be able to send them.