Usually, a fan wouldn’t mind watching a football movie anytime of the year, but when Super Bowl Sunday is near, even the most unbiased fans can’t help but be tempted to watch some mind blowing football movies to set the mood. The only thing it takes to get in the football spirit is watching some highly rated football movies, which is why we have made a list of the top American football movies that will fuel your excitement for the big day for you. So take out your favorite popcorn, call your best people, and set your room to theater mode. It is time to revisit some Hollywood football memories:

We are Marshalls:

We Are Marshalls is a story about that ray of hope that appears in the time of utmost helplessness. When Marshall University loses their entire football team, along with the staff members and boosters in 1971, it stuns the whole school as well as the small town too. Cue, the arrival of the new coach, Jack Lengyel (Played by Matthew McConaughey), who not only takes it upon himself to build a new team from scratch, but also pulls the grieving town out of mourning and gives its something to look forward to.

The Longest Yard:

When the shamed pro quarterback, Paul Crewe, ends up in jail because of his little less than acceptable behavior, it seemed like his bad days were starting. However, when he was chosen by the warden as an advisor for the institution’s team, things began to take a turn for the good. Soon, he got assistance from the famous NFL coach and ultimately, it became a deadly game between the inmates and the guards.

Remember the Titans:

Based on a true story, Remember the Titans is set in the city of Alexandria, Virginia, where people live and breathe football, where each victory is celebrated like New Year, but also one where racism and prejudice runs deep. In 1971, the high school football team was as distinguished as they come but when a new rule bought together an all-black school with an all-white school, things became difficult socially. And when these black students became part of the beloved football team, it created an uproar within the town. The responsibility to end racism and to change the thoughts of the citizens fell heavily on the shoulders of the newly appointed American-African coach, played by Denzel Washington. 

The Blind Side:

When Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bullock) crosses paths with Michael Oher – a homeless teen – she and husband, Sean (Tim McGraw), take him under their wing. His physicality is a sharp contrast to his kind hearted and loving nature. When Tuohy’s become his legal guardian and receives the love that he much deserves, he thrives under it. When he realizes his true potential as a football player, his and his new family’s life changes for good.

These American football movies will not only let you have a good time, but will also touch at your heart’s strings. When you’ll be watching Super Bowl in the coming year, you’ll definitely be watching it with tears in your eyes.