Have you ever wondered why some people have this toxic aura? Though they perfectly fit in, have a great career, and you seem to work well with them all the time, there is this part of you that makes you question why you feel down, or are handed the short end of the stick every time you are with them. It cannot possibly be because of a textbook overbearing personality. So, what is it? The answer could be that they are manipulative. Check out some of the things that every manipulative person does or say.

Rationalizing Everything They do

A normal person will react to such situations with guilt, while manipulative people play cool, and then, they proceed to rationalize what they did. This is not the same as justifying what you said; its making the other person feel that they are overreacting to a very normal thing, and it is them who are wrong here. They will state objective facts and imply that they are right, and that they don’t understand what the big deal is, though they don’t counter your strong advice either. It is just that what the manipulative person in question did was “smart” and “appropriate”.

They Tell You Half Truths

Manipulative people like to twist things. They will have no problems hiding the crucial details, especially if they are small. If you expose them as liars, they will explain to you that they are not, and that they only missed a few things, forcing you to brand them as anything else but a liar. Technically, they have ticked all the boxes in being honest with you.

Changing the Subject

Since the manipulative people only ever care about what they are thinking and their opinions on a topic, they have no problems steering a conversation towards what they need. They will do this when they are wrong, but can’t stand admitting it. So, they will steer to another topic of discussion.

Making You Feel Guilty

Not only will these people make you feel guilty, they will say things that will make you feel like you are the bad party in a relationship. Some classic lines are, “You are never there for me”, “But, I let go of that for you,” and “I have never said no to this”, and “now you have to make-up with what I want.”

They are Consistently Rude

You might think that a lot of us are mean and rude when we have had a hard day. Manipulative people poke fun at others. They will pick a seemingly normal trait and stab it with verbal jabs. They do these things a lot in social situations, which in a way, without you really noticing, establishes a sense of dominance and power, especially if others laugh along with them.