A Look Into The Rothschild Dynasty

Some stories read like pirate fables; shrouded in controversy and mystery. For no other family does such intrigue ring truer than for the Rothschild dynasty. Rumored to be the wealthiest family on earth, the Rothschilds have been conspicuously away from the limelight when matters of wealth comes up. Since no Rothschild has come out with an official position on the acquisition or exact vastness of their wealth, rumors and speculations abound.

Rothschild Dynasty Fables

When you amass a fortune as great as that of the Rothschilds, you are bound to elicit a few whispers here and there. It is thought that the Rothschild dynasty has invested heavily in media, entertainment and manipulating the price of gold. The family’s presence in media and entertainment is to be reliably verified, but the Rothschilds have a background in the gold trade. For two years up to 1815, Nathan Mayer Rothschild was a supplier of gold bullion to British armies.

It is believed that the Rothschilds control every central bank in the world. This rumor is one of the most prominent ones surrounding the family. However, as with the gold business, the Rothschild dynasty has roots deep in banking.

Rothschild Dynasty Facts

The roots to the Rothschild business acumen can be traced to Amschel Moses Rothschild. While in the Jewish ghettos, he traded silk and money with the Prince of Hesse. His son, Mayer Amschel Rothschild was responsible for the massive expansion of the banking fortune according to Investopedia. In a tactical move that proved a masterstroke, Mayer put 5 of his sons in 5 major cities, Frankfurt, Vienna, London, Naples and Paris. The business model used by his sons was successful, and it was adopted by other Jewish banking families like the Lazards and Seligmans. The wealth amassed was so vast; the Rothschild family was loaning money to governments. Egypt and Brazil are just 2 in a list of nations that have been beneficiaries to the Rothschild fortune, with the family even being a cog in the gears that set in motion Brazil’s independence from Portugal.

In the war between the French and the British, Nathan Rothschild hailed as one of history’s most influential bankers was able to provide monetary assistance to not only both the warring factions but also to a lot of Europe’s banks, in the process, capitalizing on interest and subsequently adding to the family’s extensive fortune.

Presently, the Rothschild fortune is diluted mostly because of higher inheritance tax. They still have vast interests in banking, wineries, gold, and art. You will not see the name on the Forbes list, due to Forbes policy of individual wealth, but the Rothschild name will be synonymous if for anything, success in banking.