1.Maine Coon:

maine coon

The Maine Coon is the largest domesticated cat breed. Although males can grow to be 13 to 18 pounds, and females can grow to be 8 to 12 pounds, they are quite sociable. Hence, their nickname “the gentle giant.”

2.Savannah Cat:

savannah cat

Savannah cats are a hybrid breed of serval cats and a domesticated house cat. A bengal breeder crossbred a serval cat and a siamese cat in 1986, and the International Cat Association accepted it as a new cat breed in 2001. The first and second generations of this crossbreed are the largest, and have the most exotic, unique appearance. They can weigh 8 to 20 pounds, and males are usually larger than females.

3.Norwegian Forest Cat:

norwegian forest cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat originated in Northern Europe. They are massive and strong, and bear a strong resemblance to the Maine Coon. The breed can have heart and kidney issues, as well as a rare glycogen storage disease that leads to neuromuscular degeneration.

4. Pixie Bob:



Pixie Bob cats have been bred to resemble the North American Bobcat. They can weigh an average of 11 pounds, which is similar to a hefty domestic cat. They are highly intelligent, active, social, and vocal. They do not meow very much, but they do growl, chatter, and “chirp.”

5. Ragdoll:


With their blue eyes and soft, silky coat, Ragdoll cats are well known for their calm, loving, docile nature. They are known as “puppy cats” because they have many behaviors similar to dogs, like following their owners around the house from room to room. They can also be trained to retrieve toys, much like dogs can.