Cruz and Reagan

The last time the Republican National convention was held without its candidate already chosen, the year was 1976. In that year, the incumbent, Gerald Ford, was being challenged by the eventual President Ronald Reagan.

When you listen to a Ted Cruz speech, he loves to connect his ideas and principles back to President Reagan. From building up the military in order to deter and compel enemies to cutting back on taxes to help propel the economy. Cruz has made his beliefs one with Reagan’s. Now he sees himself in a similar position that Reagan was once in back before he was elected.

Cruz sees himself loosing traction in the polls as he fails to shut down Donald Trump. The Republican presidential frontrunner has taken a commanding lead. So what does Cruz do? He looks back upon his idol and how he handled his situation. He announced his Vice Presidential running mate. Back then it was Senator Richard Schweiker of Pennsylvania for Reagan. Today, Cruz announced that his running mate is former HP CEO Carly Fiorina.

Many people wonder how this is supposed to help Cruz moving forward. There are a couple things that stand out. First, Fiorina helps with women, a category that many believe Trump struggles with. Second, this helps Cruz steal the news cycle away from Trump and his foreign policy speech that was given around the same time. It also helps alleviate the talk about the uphill battle Cruz faces with the recent 5 state sweep by Trump. The last thing this gives Cruz is a faint chance of doing well in the California primary. Fiorina is from California and ran for Senator, but lost.

Unfortunately for Cruz, it didn’t work for Reagan, and it is unlikely to work for him now. Trump is taking a commanding lead, especially in the northern states. With only a couple more months to go until the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, many Republicans are beginning to wrap their heads around supporting the business man from New York.