No Hollywood movie can compare to the excitement, the thrill, and the nail biting feelings we get whenever we are watching a thrilling game of basketball. Compared to movies in which actors are merely acting, in an NBA game, these athletes are pulling off the impossible with their wicked skills; maybe this is why athletes come closest to real-life heroes; at least on the field, they are the heroes. And the history vouches for it. Let’s see some of the best NBA shots that has successfully dazzled everyone and will go down in history as the best of all.

Ray Allen (2009):

In the 2009 NBA playoffs’ Game 2, we saw Chicago Bulls’ Allen at his finest. The first game didn’t start off good for Allen and the Celtics were defeated. The second game of the playoffs, however, was an entirely different matter. The pressure was on, regulation time was about to end, with only 10 seconds left on the clock, and the score was tied at 115. It was then that Ray Ellen scored an impossible 3-pointer which lead his team to victory.

Kobe Bryant (2004):

As fate would have it, Kobe Bryant made some great shots in whose series his team lost. Nevertheless, the shot is all that matters when it comes to an individual player’s greatness. Remember the 2004 NBA game when the Lakers played against the Pistons? Even though they lost the series, we got to see Bryant in his best form. In Game 2, the Lakers were seconds away from losing when Kobe ended up with the ball in his hand. He wasn’t anywhere near the basket; the clock was ticking and he was surrounded by eager Pistons to take the ball from his hands when Bryant, in a split second, made space for the shot and surprisingly, it went right in. The finest 3 pointer one will ever see.

Michael Jordan and Steve Kerr in 1997:

Steve Kerr provided the winner for the Bulls back in the 1997 NBA game. He was even the NBA Three-Point Shootout champion in the 1997 all-star game. In Game 6 of NBA finals in 1997, the Bulls and the Utah Jazz were tied at the score of 86. The winning moment arrived when Michael Jordan made a pass to Kerr who then, instantaneously, hit a 3-pointer and won the Bulls the title.

Jeff Malone 1984:

Jeff Malone is guilty of making one of the best buzzer beater shots in the history of the NBA against the Detroit Pistons back in 1984. The shot was made beyond the baseline and from behind the glass, an impossible feat which won the Bullets the game. 

These were just the glimpse of some of the greatest shots in history with which NBA has blessed our eyes with. Who knows; there might be a lot more to come! As a matter of fact, the NBA season is approaching its business end as we speak. Juts tune in and make sure you are watching the game live to witness more great shots.