It is a difficult time to be single. Currently, we are in a tug war between those who wear the single badge proudly and those couples flooding your feed with duck face selfies waiting for ‘GOALS’ comments. Dating has been revolutionized with the introduction of swipe dating technologies. We can pick partners presented to us by algorithms based on what we find most desirable in a potential partner. In our palms, we can build entire relationships with parties on the other side of the screen. Having a significant other has never seemed easier, has it? Wrong

Admittedly, with the advent of social media, there is a shocking level of isolation. Just as well, the fear of missing out is driving men and women alike to the arms of Mr/Mrs. Wrong. Women arguably bear hardest the brunt of being by their lonesome. From the end of the single folk, it doesn’t look good. However, away from the duck face selfies and the GOALS memes, being single can be good for you, and you should embrace it.

Decisions decisions

You want to go out until 4 am and come back, plop yourself on the bed and snore till whatever time you will wake up with a bad headache and to a greasy breakfast? Go ahead. No one will chew your ear off about how irresponsible you are- even if you really are.

Find yourself

While in a relationship, your request for some time alone to figure yourself out will most likely be met with the counter semi-wail, “ARE WE BREAKING UP?” A relationship means you are an extension of your partner. If you go into a relationship not knowing yourself, how are you going to love another person while you don’t even know who you are?

Keep your esteem

Long-term monogamous romance characterized by marriage is only about 5 to 6 centuries old. When a relationship fails, we are bound to feel like we are failures even at the most basic level, how to feel. While being single is met with the almost immediate assumption that you are horrible, being in a relationship and failing at it exposes you to more severe feelings of self-doubt and possibly depression.

Show me the money

What? Yes. Being single is good for your money. With the economy just laughing at the world from the sidelines, it might not be the ideal time to splash on dinners and overpriced tickets to watch Hamilton- although its worth every penny. You are also free to focus more on your career without making a partner feel unwanted because you bring work home every day.

While we tout ourselves as modern, the rift between single and taken continues to widen. Until we can appreciate both sides of the divide, we can never be equal.