Donald Trump might be many things but a quitter is not one of them. While we have many reasons to detest him, his gusto, drive, and thick skin are definitely commendable. C’mon we have to give credit where credit is due; besides, he is the president-elect of the United States now. We know a large and very vocal part of America is in grief and has rapidly moved on from the stage of denial to one of anger. Anger is good as it will keep everything in check, but dwelling on it too long can be self-harming. Therefore, it’s time that we swiftly move on to the next stage of grief; negotiation.

Surely, there must be something good about Donald Trump. We know he is a very successful businessman, we know that he even takes his hobbies too seriously and that he knows how to make some very powerful friends. So folks, let’s have a look at the people Mr. Trump hangs out with when he is not making toxic remarks:

1.    Martha Stewart:

Martha Stewart is an all-American household name. She is also a pro at everything related to home, chores and domesticities. Using this talent of hers, she has made a name, fame and money for herself – and some scandals too. She is a driven business woman, much like the beloved president-elect of ours, and their common grounds have made them cross paths. They have been friends for a long time yet many speculations say they might have had fallout back in the year 2006. Some believe that they are foes and not friends anymore. Whatever the truth is, there was definitely a friendship once; she even flew in his private jet and called him “interesting”.

2.    Peter Theil:

In case you don’t know who he is, Theil is an American-German entrepreneur, and a very successful one at that. We are talking about billions here. News has been flying about his strong support for Trump, his bets in favor of Trump and, even about his millions in contributions to Trump’s campaigns. His appearance on the republican convention center and his open regard for Trump pretty much proves that they are friends.

3.    Clint Eastwood:

Who doesn’t know Clint Eastwood? The A-list Hollywood star actor, filmmaker, musician and a political figure openly supports Trump. Trump too is very friendly with him, considering he made a speech on his behalf.

4.    P. Diddy:

Fans of hip hop know who P.Diddy is. He is very famous, rich and talented, having produced various top selling albums over time. He himself declared Trump to be his friend. Sean Diddy also showed his respect for Trump by saying that he is a very hard worker.

5.    Rush Limbaugh:

The very well known and successful radio show host, Rush Limbaugh has stepped forward many times to speak in favor of Trump and to defend him. He often comes across as a fan, but since he is rich and runs in the same league as Mr. President, they must be friends.

Trump might not know what he is talking about most of the times, but he definitely knows how to make friends with the right people.