A change makes everyone nervous. The unexpected and the unknown future make us cautious and watchful but when the change comes with an announcement, when it comes with promises and proclamations, and when it comes with an open declaration of hatred and abhorrence, it makes everyone downright terrified. Terrified for the present, for the future, and terrified for ourselves and terrified for our children. And then, it causes chaos and panic once people realize that there is nothing they can do to stop this massive and ugly change.

Never to wish this on anyone but in case you haven’t already realized it, this is the current and prevailing situation in America right now. Remember that hopelessness is never an option and maybe the newly elected president of America didn’t really mean what he said; maybe he was all talk and maybe he would never be able to get away with all those things he believes if he gets the right cabinet. Yet, all that is a big BUT. That is why people are scared for the future of America.

1.    Racism Will Reign:

Racism was all but reigning in the old times of war. The blacks were slaves and considered far less than an ordinary white man, and the colonialism stemmed strong racist remarks and actions leading to extreme violence. And then, of course, there was Hitler, whose racial bigotry was so concentrated that he ended up finishing generations of Jews in his propaganda to make Germany great again – sounds familiar? And then, there is America, whose recently elected President openly made racist remarks and made promises to build a wall to keep people out who have colored skin? Did he forget that these very people have dedicated their own life to give all the love they can to America? That these immigrants openly embraced America as their new home?

2.    Taxes Will Go But Not In A Good Way:

Fewer taxes!! That’s always a good thing, right? Well, not really. Maybe the moderate income earners will be very happy with this change, but you know who will be even happier? The corporate kings and queens because the last thing we want is for Trump’s billionaire friends to become even richer. Taxes might seem like a nuisance, but they actually are beneficial to the country overall, which ultimately makes things easier and simpler for the citizens. Also, taxes are used to control many social evils.

3.    Immigrants Will Suffer:

There is nothing wrong with fighting evil and ending terror, but making innocents suffer for it just because their religious background is on par with the wrongdoers? That is certainly shallow. Trump plans to fight the ISIS, including working with the Middle East and temporarily ending their immigration. And then, there might or might not be violence involved.

Though there were many fearful reactions by the people of America, the one by the American hip-hop artist Macklemore trumped them all. It was less of a reaction, but rather a solution, one that people might be too hopeless to see in the face of adversity. His Instagram post was pretty much a guide to raising your kids when someone like Trump is your president. As he so aptly put it, “Donald Trump is not raising my daughter. I am”