pasted-image-at-2016_11_11-12_55-pmSickness, disease, and tragedy are things that remain fair to everyone. Every rich and famous person suffers as much from them as any underprivileged one does. When Michael Bublé, the famous Canadian singer, songwriter and Grammy winner learned about his 3 year old son’s cancer diagnosis, he was, of course, devastated. However, his special request on social media and him pouring his heart out definitely brought tears to the eyes of many.

Noah Bublé is the eldest son of couple Michael and Luisana and is only 3 years old.  Apparently, he was taken to the doctor for a case of Mumps, yet returned home with a diagnosis of liver cancer; a news that will be terrifying for any parent in the world.

Michael Bublé opened up about it on social media and exclaimed how devastating the news was for him and his wife. He also told his fans that he and Luisana are going to put their career on pause and direct their full time, attention and efforts to nurse Noah back to health. He further disclosed that Noah has begun treatment and at this time, they only need prayers and need people to respect their privacy in these trying times.

For Bublé, his family is everything, and his post back in March pretty much proved it. The singer posted a picture of himself and his son, Noah, sitting on his shoulders with a lively and bright smile with the caption saying, “I hate posting just anything, so Instead, I’m posting my everything. We’re on the best vacation ever. Lots of sunshine with my sunshine”. Looking back at that picture now and looking at that carefree smile on both of their faces is just too difficult to handle without tearing up.

The Canadian singer decided never to sing again until his child is safe from the acute disease. Right now, his son is going under chemotherapy treatments in the US and he, alongside his parents, is willing to fight till they defeat the disease.

These might be difficult times for the Bublé family, but he is met with constant support from his family, friends, fans and a large number of celebrities. The first one to show her support was Alyssa Milano, who tweeted what everyone of us was feeling; an emoji of a broken heart.

That tweet was soon followed by Josh Groban, who tweeted words of prayers and support for little Noah. Singer Christina Perri also made sure to tell everyone to include Noah in their prayers just as he did. Other celebrities who sent endless prayers and words of support were Paul Stabley, Dan Rather, Sharon Osbourne, and Sherri Saum.

Celebrities were not the only ones who shared good thoughts; fans of Bublé too sent an endless stream of support on all social media platforms hoping what we all are hoping; for little Noah to be alright along with the all the other children suffering from cancer. News like this is certainly a nightmare for parents and the most difficult time.