Simone Biles is one of the most celebrated athletes in 2016 Rio Olympics for her prowess in gymnastics as well as her sparkling smile. For every super-star, though, there is an amazing life story that we all are dying to hear.

Simone was born in March of 1997 in Columbus Ohio. Her mother, Shanon Biles, was not able to take care of her, her elder sister, or her two brothers due to alcohol and drug addiction. 

Simone Biles adoption

Simone’s grandparents, Ron and Nellie Biles, took care of the children temporarily in the year 2000 in Houston, Texas. The official adoption wouldn’t take place until three years later along with her younger brother Andria. Ron’s sister, Jean, adopted the two eldest children. Most of Simone Biles childhood has been spent with her grandparents. Ron talked about his granddaughter/daughter in an interview with USA Today after she won her first Gold Medal. He and others hope that a high profile case like Simone’s will help other children around the country find loving homes.

After completing primary school, Biles spent her entire secondary school life homeschooling. This gave her enough time to major on her sport. She graduated in 2015 and had plans to differ her college enrollment until after the 2016 Olympics.

She committed to UCLA, but a year later decided to go professional, hence forfeiting her amateur status. The decision has locked her out of the NCCA championships, but she will instead be able to reap the financial benefits that come along with the success in her sport.

Her dip in gymnastics

Simone had a thing for gymnastics from a young age. She taught herself acrobatic stunts on household furniture long before she began the sport. When she was six years old, she took a field trip to a tumbling gym where she began to fall in love with the sport. She enjoyed how the older girls were twisting and flipping and attempted to mirror the same moves at home.

Her training would not begin until a year later. By the age of eight, she caught the eye of Aimee Boorman. Aimee believed in the little girl and dedicated her life to training Simone.

Junior championships

Simone started her active gymnastics competition in the 2011 American Classics where she fared well in uneven bars, vault, balance beam and all round. She then started home schooling in 2012 so that she could increase her training.

Her jab into senior gymnastics started in 2013 with her debut into the American cup. She could not join the Olympics team in 2012 due to her young age. Because of that, she had to participate in numerous senior gymnastic competitions between 2013 and 2016.

Today, Simone has been portrayed as the best gymnast alive as she dominates throughout the Rio games. Her life story is one that inspires others of greatness in the sport, but also sheds emotions because of the sacrifices others made to get her to this point. We applaud Simone Biles and every person who stepped up to help raise her to become the person she is today. Keep smiling Simone. You are an inspiration to us all!