To say the least, the 2016 United States presidential race has been interesting. We haven’t seen a race like this; with people pointing at the U.S like, “wait, is this happening? “ We have a candidate who is very open to policies that read like a dystopian society. There’s the issue of emails. Unless you are heavily analyzing the US political scene, mention of Gary Johnson may have passed you; and you wouldn’t be the only one.

Gary Johnson is a man of many accomplishments. According to a piece on Johnson by GQ, “he balanced the hell out of his budgets, and climbed Mount Everest with a broken leg.”

Who is Gary Johnson? As at January 2016, Gary Johnson was the C.E.O of Cannabis Sativa Inc. For eight years, up to 2003, he had been the 29th Governor of the state of New Mexico. In May 2016, he was announced to be the libertarian flag poll bearer for president. Yes, the same presidency with Clinton and Trump, history’s most disliked presidential candidates.

Most people don’t know about Mr. Johnson as a candidate, but his stands on a few emotive issues in the states are what set him up as a person if interest.

1.Pro-life or Pro-choice? Both

When the issue of whether he is pro-life or pro-choice, Gary Johnson categorically said that in his private life, he is pro-life. However, constitutionally, he is strong for the right of a mother to decide. His opinion is shared by Barack Obama’s Vice President, Joe Biden.

2.Show me the money

The issue of controlling US budget and debt has always been emotive. Gary Johnson has a stand on this that may be applauded by some corners while raising eyebrows elsewhere. He vowed to veto the Congress’ requests that would require the country to borrow money and therefore add to the national debt.

3.Gun control

Shootings in the United States have always caused a significant uproar and a constant debate on the right to bear arms. Gary Johnson retains that the citizens’ right to bear arms to protect themselves from a tyrannical government, is enshrined in the constitution. A position like this is likely to stir up a conversation on his stand and his outlook for America when there is another shooting disaster-hopefully not anytime soon.


It is no secret that the US strict sentences on non-offensive crimes like using marijuana are burdening the American prison system. Gary Johnson has shown his support for regularized decriminalization of medical marijuana. He has also come out strongly to encourage safer drug practices and rehabilitation.

Gary Johnson may not be a household name, but his policies would be interesting to follow if he upset the present 2016 dynamic.