It won’t do for the presidential election nominees to just impress the elderly people. The old ones have long since chosen their sides; they are either republican or they are democrats. They have made up their minds and come rain or sunshine, they won’t be changing it. Even if their republican representative is someone like Donald Trump, or even if they are against the many things that Hillary Clinton has to say – not that she had to say much given she is his contender – they won’t change their mind.

Hillary, being perceptive and intuitive, guessed as much. She realized that her real strength lies in the power of the young voters. So, she did what any presidential candidate would do; she lured them in with one thing that the millennials need desperately; jobs. The fact that it was these very young voters that lead Obama to his victory only confirms what we already knew. Hillary needs young voters on her side.

So, it wasn’t very assuring that even with Trump’s racist and bigotry filled campaigns, the new generations were still not very impressed with Clinton. Clinton is dangerously underperforming with the millennials, which threatens the fact that they are either going to vote for Trump, are going to vote for a third party candidate, or are not going to vote at all. 

So the question remains; is Hillary’s plan for the millennials effective enough to earn her a good number of votes from the youngsters or has the plan been nothing but an epic fail? Let’s dig a little deeper.

Why Do the Millennials Love Clinton:

Like all of us, Hillary has become well aware of the fact that she is losing ground with the young millennials. So, she decided to reshape her campaign to persuade the youngsters to give their vote to her. Here’s what she did:

  • Hillary knew that young supporters were diehard fans of Sanders. So, she began to do what Sanders was promising to do and began to bring many aspects of his campaign into hers.
  • She began to cover College campuses to convince more and more youth to vote for her.
  • Hillary’s campaign directors began to use every single social media platform to get closer to the millennials.
  • When Hillary found out that she is failing to impress the millennials, she used some highly followed public figures to vouch for her, namely Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders, Bill Clinton, and almost everyone else in Hollywood.
  • She promised her young voters that she will make public college free for most, increase the minimum wage, and will work hard to suppress climate change.

Why Millennials Hate Clinton:

While Hillary seems all perfectly prepared and calm on the outside, there is something about Hillary that the non-impressed millennials cannot seem to wave their finger off of. They believe that Clinton lacks the passion that one might need to become a president while others simply seem to think of her as dishonest, which some past scandals might seem to have proved her of.

Many millennials are very disappointed with Hillary over her party politics, even so much so that they are willing to completely give up on this whole ordeal of elections.

However, one thing is for sure; if Hillary wants to win this election, she needs to get these millennials on her side. While her job plans might hold promise, the fact that she is believed to be dishonest might dampen the whole campaign. Hillary better set her character straight and show her passion for the job she is being considered for. Just sitting back and letting Trump make a fool of himself is not going to help Hillary win this election.