Mad BUm

More than ever, people around Major League Baseball are questioning whether or not National League pitchers hitting for themselves is good for baseball. For one, it’s arbitrary: the only reason it’s still around is for tradition’s sake.

But, let’s be honest, it adds flavor to the game. There’s more strategy, pinch hitters, double switches, etc. What makes baseball great is that it’s not two teams trying to get an object to opposite goals, in mostly uniform playing fields, courts, etc.

Each team has a unique stadium, with varying geography from field to field. Likewise, the tradition and unwritten rules make it all the more entertaining.

Yes, it makes absolutely no sense for pitchers to hit for themselves, or for their to be a giant green wall in Boston, a hill in centerfield in Houston, brick walls covered in ivy in Chicago; but, these things enhance the game. I’m not saying fans will come in droves to see their favorite pitcher hit, but it keeps the game from becoming mundane and robotic, or predictable.

Time should not take away from the game but instead add to it and there will surely come a time when baseball fans and players alike will miss the things that have been left in the past.