Streaming music has swiftly become the norm for mobile phones, as endless services provide hundreds of millions of tracks with instant access (and offline playback). At this moment, Smartphones have advanced to a point where they aren’t just “smartphones” anymore. They are now multi-purpose mobile phones. Among the primary functions of your mobile device is to play music, yet the music collection is usually limited to what you can store on available space. But with the advancement of streaming technology, you can stream music to your phone – whether via the internet, from your PC, or elsewhere.

Check out these noteworthy mobile apps which will best unlock the potential of streaming on your phone.


Spotify is a famous brand in the space and a powerful choice to bring to your tablet or Android phone. It contains the extensive library you would like to find, along with a station generator and some curated, mood and genre-based offerings if you aren’t interested in creating a playlist by yourself.

Moreover, there’s a social focus with Spotify, with end users being emphatically urged to utilize friends’ playlists to enable them to discover songs and share what they are listening to on social media. With the $9 .99 monthly Premium subscription, you get some additional perks, such as no ads.


This service comes with lots of pretty nice features, particularly if you subscribe to the All Access program for $9 .99 per month.

Without subscribing, you can still upload a large number of your songs to a cloud locker to enjoy on the move by streaming it. However with the subscription you have access to Google’s enormous library of content, enabling you to stream tracks, albums, perhaps even set up stations or enjoy various curated ones. If you would love to test run All Access before subscribing, there is a trial offer for you.


Sure, we can’t just forget about Pandora. Pandora provides you with the capability to create radio stations designed around songs and music bands. Just type in the name of the song or musical band and it will set up a playlist with similar-sounding songs. The service operates without a monthly subscription, so it is ad-supported.

Should you choose to spend $4.99 a month for Pandora One, you will discover some further perks. You will get absolutely no ads, an increased bit rate along with a special desktop application.


With over 24 million songs, Sony’s offering is tremendous although there’s no free feature. For only $10 monthly you have free, unrestricted access to the library without any ad campaigns or limitations. You’ll obtain curated playlists, a suggestion engine, as well as full playlist support. Additionally, you can set up or listen to pre-built channels that are just like radio stations. It connects to Sony’s Entertainment Network; therefore if you’ve got many Sony devices, it might be the best choice.


This is certainly a feature-rich service with more than 35 million songs in its library. Deezer is offered in both free and paid versions, with your $9.99 monthly subscription unlocking premium features and the removal of the in-stream ad campaigns.

The greatest benefit of the premium edition is the absence of advertising and 320kbps audio, which is an incredibly great deal for audiophiles out there. Also, you can apply for a 15-day free trial of Deezer Premium to find out if it’s well worth your cash before giving out the money for it.