Pizza is as much a part of the city of Chicago as the Sears Tower and Wrigley Field. Chicago-style deep dish pizza has never been duplicated (ask Bobby Flay), and arguably, it has never been topped on the pizza food chain. As much as two inches thick of crust, tomato sauce, cheese, and hopefully, sausage and pepperoni, the Windy City delicacy is a must have for visitors. If you’ve never been, catch a game at Wrigley, tour the Sears Tower and Goose Island Brewery, but first, grab a pie downtown and have a taste of Chicago.

Here are a couple of tried and true pizza joints in Chicago:

Pizzaria Uno/Pizzaria Due: Uno is on the corner of East Ohio, and Due is on the opposite corner, Wabash Ave. The seating is tight, the lighting is dim, but the beer is great and the pizza is the best. If you want the original, look no further.

Loumalnati’s: Great chain of pizza places, plus they can ship you dry-iced pizza (not as good, but the best you can get outside of Chicago) through 1-800-LOU-TOGO. A much quicker alternative to Uno or Due, and not much of a sacrifice on flavor either.