Andre Iguodala is a professional American basketball player born to an African-American mother and a Nigerian father. He could represent Nigeria in world competitions, but feels like he is more of an American team kind-of-a-person. The 6 feet 6 inches tall athlete was born and raised in Springfield, Illinois and because of his great skills as a player, he soon transferred to the Golden State Warriors where he plays as a forward/shooting guard.  He is often called by the name “Iggy”, which is short for Iguodala.

Iguodala’s biggest feat by far was his mind-blowing performance in 2015 for which he was named as the MVP in the NBA finals of 2015. Iguodala is at the ripe age of 32, but his strong and athletic form still makes it possible for him to perform at his best. He is also considered as the most proficient perimeter defender around.

Actors, players, or other professionals keep on doing their job like always, but their real recognition comes when they do something extraordinary; when they stand with the toughest and most remarkable people in their niche and prove that they are no less than them. That is exactly what happened with Ander Iguodala. His real claim to fame was the time when the Golden Warriors were playing against Cleveland, and Iguodala showed a massive display of his talents when he went against Lebron James. During the game, Iguodala made sure that his compatriot barely had the chance to even touch the ball.

Personal Life:

The biggest issue in his personal life, one which has caught the attention of the media more than once, was the child support battle Iguodala had with his ex-girlfriend. She sued him for not paying child support for his 6-year old daughter now that he earns millions worth of dollars as income. Upon Iguodala’s payment of $16,000, the former claims that this is too less for a daughter who has a high IQ and will need more quality education. As of now, he is married to Christina Gutierrez and has a son from her.

Fashion-Forward Iguodala

Iguodala is also known for his keen sense of fashion and his extraordinary love for shoes. The fashion-forward player is exclusively known for his sneakers collection, and his closet is something that sneaker aficionados will love to see up close. From Nike to Jordan’s to Foamposites, you name it and Iguodala has got it. According to him, the collection is still growing. Iguodala claims that this is not just for the sake of fashion; he can also play in any sneaker he owns, and breaking into a new pair is only a matter of 20 minutes for the athlete.

Career Highlights:

The biggest day for Iguodala was when he was named as the Most Valuable Player of the 2015 finals. His feat came when the Golden Warriors were up against the Cavaliers and won the six-game series.  Iguodala has an average of 16.3 points, 5.8 rebounds, 1.33 steals, 4.0 assists, and 37.0 minutes during the games he has played til date. He was also named as the player of the year by Chicago Sun Time

Iguodala is also very smart when it comes to investing his millions. Breaking the mould and instead of going on the similar path as other NBA players, Iguodala is more interested in investing his money in Silicon Valley tech companies, and he is also trying to convince his fellow teammates to do the same.