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Remembering The Life Of Alan Colmes



The sad news of Alan Colmes death has sparked conversation around the political community as they remember his superb career. On Thursday, February 23, 2017, Colmes “passed away at the age 66 after a brief illness,” according to sources from Fox News. As people remember the life of Alan Colmes, here is a reflection back on his life and his accomplishments.

Alan Colmes was born in New York City in 1950 to Jewish parents from Ukraine. He attended Hofstra University where he would receive his BA in communications.

After obtaining his degree, he would start his career in stand-up comedy and then developed a radio career. He bounced around to several different stations across the Northeast before landing a job with Fox News as a liberal political commentator.

Career With Fox News

In 1996, he would co-host his own show with Sean Hannity, Hannity & Colmes. Fox News labeled him a harsh liberal who challenged the conservative Hannity of his viewpoints. This was not a shared view, though. A lot of criticism was sent his way for not being “liberal enough” by people from his own party. Many people call this Fox New liberal, AKA “democrat in name only”. The show would come to an end after 2008 as Hannity took over by himself. After Alan Colmes death, Hannity came out and said “despite [their] major political differences, [they] forged a deep friendship”.

Once the show ended, Colmes remained with the network. He would function more as a Fox News contributor along with being a Fox radio host. Despite the liberal image he was given by his station, he claimed to be quite moderate in his beliefs.

Over the years, Colmes was the author of two books. The first, Red, White & Liberal: How Left Is Right and Right Is Wrong (2003), which discussed the issue of protecting American freedoms during the War on Terror. He urges his readers not to let go of the liberties which the Right threatened to take away in order to “protect” it’s citizens.

In his second book, Thank the Liberals for Saving America (2012), Colmes argues how liberals have made life better for Americans. This was done by the different programs and regulations that were put in place over the years. He explained the different things Americans regularly take for granted and goes in-depth about how our nation is rooted in the liberal ideals.